About CBH

CBH (CollegeBoundHomeschooler.com) is designed to help homeschooling families prepare for a successful high school experience and transition to college.

Are You Ready For College?

Choosing how to advance a student’s education post high school is becoming an increasing challenge with higher costs of a college education and a challenging job market. Are you and your student ready?

This site aims to be a resource in your family’s homeschooling journey so you can answer that question with a confident “YES!”

Who Is Running This Site?

That would be me: Tim Milosch.

Tim Milosch, About CBH, college bound homeschooler, homeschooling high school

Educator, writer, speaker, and a big fan of homeschooling.

I was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school at a time when homeschooling was a developing educational strategy. Without the resources available to homeschoolers today, my parents and I developed curriculum on our own.

When it came time for college, I leveraged the research abilities that experience gave me to organize an effective college search and financial aid package that allowed me to attend Biola University, a private Christian college.

Post college, I’ve worked as a junior high and high school teacher, and currently, work as an instructional designer at Biola University (my alma mater).

I also serve as a debate coach and adjunct professor at Biola and do freelance writing and speaking in my spare time (yes, I do have some).

Additionally, I’ve earned a Masters degree from Regent University and am in a Ph.D. program at Claremont Graduate University.

Why I’m Here

I developed the vision for CBH in late 2013 while helping my younger sister navigate the college application process (She has successfully gotten accepted!).

Talks with other homeschool families confirmed that a need existed to provide a resource to make sense of the high school experience and college admissions process for homeschoolers.

Resources exist for homeschool high school curriculum and some exist on college admissions, but very little is being done to connect the two and explain their interaction. This site seeks to be that bridge.

What All This Means to You

I have spent much of the last decade of my life in the college environment as a student and professor.

In the process, I have won hard-earned knowledge and experience on what it takes to successfully navigate high school and the transition to college as a homeschooler.  I want to put that wisdom to work helping you.

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One thought on “About College-Bound Homeschooler

  • November 7, 2015 at 6:47 am

    This website and your encouragement as a homeschool graduate is wonderful and invaluable. My oldest girls (now 20-something adults, all homeschool graduates from K-12, and we have a total of 10 children) are also finding their wings in the world, 2 of whom have Masters degrees and 1 in a PhD program (They also got their BA’s at Regent — 3 already graduated, 1 still a student there), and so can relate to you. All are well-rounded, successful, God-loving people who love learning and life — all a testimony to the effectiveness of home education. Keep up the good work as you continue your support and encouragement in this arena, as well as the rest of your life! Blessings.


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