Does Your Vision for Homeschooling Include College Planning?

“College planning” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.  It is a big topic with a lot of overlapping areas of information.  As parents preparing their children for life after homeschooling, do you ever wonder if they’re prepared for college, or even a career?

What I labor to do here at College-Bound Homeschooler is to supply parents like you with concise information and constructive resources to help you in preparing your student for college.

CBH is not just a college admissions guide.  Good college planning involves more than that.

There is a college admissions process sure, but preparing for college properly also involves  

High school curriculum planning

Strategizing finances and financial aid

Effectively defining and communicating college expectations

If that sounds a little overwhelming, I don’t blame you.  It overwhelmed my parents and I when I was looking at colleges.  I learned that having a team of people to encourage, advise and assist my parents and I could really reduce the stress and confusion of the whole college planning journey.

Do you envision your homeschooling preparing your child for education and work beyond high school?

In your vision of homeschooling, are you

  • Desiring to see them grow as individuals of character
  • Anticipating experiencing the joy of learning together
  • Seeing your children make new discoveries
  • Ensuring that they’re prepared to enter the world of adulthood, work and higher education

For you, a college education is part of that vision.  BUT,

Is your homeschooling vision surviving high school and college prep?

  • As your child is entering, or already in high school, are you feeling
    • In over your head?
    • It’s getting harder to communicate with your child?
    • Inadequate to fill skill and knowledge gaps that you may have?
    • Fearful of the approaching questions of high school graduation and college?
    • Unsure how you will afford college?
    • Confused and overwhelmed anticipating the college admission process?

I hear you!

I absolutely loved my K-12 homeschooling experience.  My parents were not only capable instructors, but had the wisdom to encourage me to branch out, learn new things on my own, and even take a hand in developing parts of my high school curriculum.

However, when it came time to consider college, we were lost.  By all accounts, our homeschooling was a success, but that did not ensure an easy college admissions process, or a smooth transition to college.  We learned the hard way that taking time to talk about expectations and strategize how we would be preparing for college could save a lot of time and energy.

It’s OK to acknowledge you need a little help on the college prep side.  

Sadly, I’ve talked to and heard many homeschooling parents who feel so overwhelmed by the thought of high school and preparing their children for college that many consider throwing in the towel.

That’s why I do what I do here:  

I share my knowledge and experience as a homeschooler (turned high school teacher who now works at a university) so you don’t have to go through homeschooling high school feeling like you have to reinvent the wheel.

I want to help you homeschool through high school confident in your curriculum and your college prep plans, and, most importantly, enjoying the time shepherding your child through early adulthood.

Preparing for college is a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be done alone and it can actually enrich your homeschooling experience and deepen your relationship with your child.

Here’s a first step.

Start the conversation

  • Download my free conversation guide “20 Questions You Must Answer When Starting Your College Search
  • Take a copy for yourself and give one to your child to go through
  • Answer the questions on your own first, then compare answers with your child
  • Start talking through the differences and expectations you all have
  • As you talk, write down questions you may, or the information you need, then

Get in touch!

  • Join me on Facebook and Twitter and ask away.  I’m sure other parents have similar questions
  • Email me for information on 1-on-1 help, or for speaking to your homeschool group

But before you do any of that, take the first step yourself towards preparing yourself and your child for college with a simple conversation starter.

Get my FREE college prep worksheet:

20 Questions to Ask When Starting Your College Search