Do You Need Help With Homeschooling High School?

Homeschooling is one of the most rewarding investments a parent can make into the future success of their children.

It’s also a lot of hard work.  So hard, in fact, that many parents start to burn out just as their student hits high school.

I want to help make the seemingly scary prospect of homeschooling high school enjoyable for you and your student.

How can I help you?

1 on 1 Curriculum Planning

I’ve had experience teaching high schoolers in a variety of subjects and working in college admissions.  I’m uniquely equipped to evaluate and create high school curriculum with the needs and interest of individual students in mind.

I also love helping people strategize for success.

If you’re facing down homeschooling high school, I am available to consult with you in order to help you get organized and prepared for what’s ahead.

I can help you

  • Outline your student’s high school curriculum
  • Plan college prep activities into the high school experience
  • Brainstorm and organize your extracurricular activities
  • Organize and maintain transcripts and records
  • And more!

Shoot me a message using the form below and let’s cut the stress of homeschooling high school!

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