Having gotten introduced to public speaking in the realm of homeschool speech and debate I know the value of sharing ideas with large audiences.

If you have a conference, camp, or homeschool group that’s looking for a dynamic homeschool speaker to address topics like

  • Being a homeschooler in college
  • Planning a high school curriculum
  • Making college affordable
  • Speech and Debate

Then I have something to share. Contact me if interested!


Need some practical, in-depth instruction for your homeschool group or organization? I conduct workshops on the following:

  • Organizing curriculum.
  • How to finance college.
  • Test-taking strategies for students.

I price my speaking engagements based on group size, length of talk and traveling expenses. I don’t charge a flat fee because I want to be able to offer my resources and knowledge to groups of any size.

If you’d like to engage my speaking services, please fill out the form below and let’s start the conversation!

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